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Microsoft Office 2016 Training

Get the computer training you need to learn PC Fundamentals here at our location from your home, at your own pace, with Tech Plus 4 U.

Learn PC Fundamentals the essential computer skills you need to succeed at work. Tech Plus 4 U PC Fundamentals Certificate Program helps you develop them quickly and conveniently.

Gain the computer skills that will make you more marketable when searching for employment.

Apply for a promotion and be confident that you have the required computer training.
Work for any business that requires employees to have computer training and skills.
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Main Objectives:
After completing Microsoft Office 2016 Training:
You will be able to:
Learn Office 2016 Commands
Customizing an Office 2016 Program
Adding Visual Elements to Office 2016
Main Topics:
Microsoft Office 2016 covers the following topics:
Office 2016 Commands
Office 2016 Program
Office 2016 Files
Main Features:
Microsoft Office 2016 Training has the following features:
Power Point
One Note and more...
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