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Advance Computer Training

Get the computer training you need to learn PC Fundamentals here at our location from your home, at your own pace, with Tech Plus 4 U.

Learn PC Fundamentals the essential computer skills you need to succeed at work. Tech Plus 4 U PC Fundamentals Certificate Program helps you develop them quickly and conveniently.

Gain the computer skills that will make you more marketable when searching for employment.

Apply for a promotion and be confident that you have the required computer training.
Work for any business that requires employees to have computer training and skills.
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Main Objectives
After completing Advance Computer Training: Networking, You be able to:
Networking Basics
Building a Network
Networking Administration and Security
TCP/IP and the Internet
Main Topics:
Advance Computer Training covers the following topics:
Understanding Networks
Planning a Network
Job Description for a Network Administrator

Main Features:
Advance Computer Training has the following features:

Exercises that allow users to practice skills learned
A file containing the text of the exercises
Simulations that allow users to practice course skills, even if they don't have access to the real application
Activities that allow users to apply course concepts in an interactive questioning environment
A glossary
A Skill Assessment
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