Business Office/Microsoft Office 2016
With our online or In House business office programs, we give you a practical, efficient way to further your education. We understand that your busy schedule and priorities may not coordinate with a traditional education. Our programs allow you to earn your business office skills on your schedule, at your own pace. We want to give you every advantage to earn your business office skills and thrive in a career you love.
Computer Training Basic to Advance
Since computers are used in nearly every industry, understanding basic computer functions is important in most of today’s career fields. Tech Plus 4 U computer training course could help you take the first step toward getting the computer skills you need for success!
Website Design/Form Building SEO/Marketing
Want to turn your creativity into marketable skills? Our online or In House Web Design programs could help you take the first step towards a fulfilling design opportunity that evolves as fast as technology does. Get ready to embark on a professional journey as our courses help prepare you to use industry-current technology and keep abreast of industry trends.
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